Association of Progressive Dawoodi Bohras of Ontario

Welcome to the APDBO website. We're Dawoodi Bohras based in Ontario, Canada and are part of the global reform movement seeking an end to corrupt and coercive practices of the Bohra priesthood.

This website aims to serve and connect APDBO members and reformist Dawoodi Bohras in North America. If you have any questions or need any information please feel free to .

Events calendar

30 September 2017

Ashura Day

at APDBO Centre

1:00 PM         Zuhr/Asr Namaaz

2:00 PM          Marsiyas

3:00 PM          Ashura Majlis and Shahadat bayan

4:00 PM          Salaam/Noha

4:30 PM          Niyaz

Volunteers needed for Haleem/Kitchro, Kadi. Please reply to this email if you can make Haleem/Kitchro, Kadi for Ashura. Thank you.


Note: Since Saturday afternoon is a working day and due to limited parking at the center, please park your car at the Ismaili Jammat khana across from our street.