Obituary: Sajjad Fidaali Abdulhusein

He had a big heart and he served with a smile

It was with great shock and sadness that we learnt of the sad demise of Sajjad Fidaali Abdulhusein. He will not only be missed by his family and friends, but by the community at large.

I have known Sajjad since the late sixties when he moved to Nairobi, Kenya.  Sajjad was a pious, respectful and a humble person.  He always had a smile on his face and loved to crack jokes and laughed with everyone, no matter how young or old.  I have never heard him speak ill or criticize anybody and he always wished good for everybody around him.

Sajjad was a Queen’s Scout in his younger days, and was fully involved with the Scouts Association.

For approximately 30 years Sajjad was the Secretary of Sir Yusufali Sports Club (the home of our community in Nairobi, Kenya).  For the last five years or so, he was the Manager/Caretaker of Sir Yusufali Sports Club where he did an excellent job.  He was also in charge of renting the Club, which generated revenue for the Club. He made sure food was delivered on time and everyone was served. He also made sure everything was in place for all our functions. By the way, Sajjad made the best tea, there was no function complete without “Sajjad Nee Chai.”

Whenever there was a death in the community, Sajjad was the first person to be contacted.  He took charge of making all the arrangement – such as informing the cemetery authorities and oversaw all the burial requirements.

Sajjad always worked for the betterment of our community and in the year 2001, he represented the Nairobi Jamaat at the World Conference of Progressive Dawoodi Bohoras in Canada. He always worked behind the scene and never wanted fame or glory.

In conclusion, I feel there are no words that can describe Sajjad and the tremendous work he has done for this community. Let us all pray that Allah may  give his two daughters, Farhana and Javeda and the rest of his family the strength to bear this irreplaceable loss, and may his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Mississauga, Ontario